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michal pavlásek in conversation:

Hello Michal, how did you start with photographing?

A long long time ago when I dealt with computer graphics for my former employer. At that time I had invented a promotional stuff where the central motif was the former Miss of Slovácko region. I entrusted a photo studio, which was the only one existing far and near at that time, with this order... After assessment of the result which was very bad I decided to get down to photoshooting on my own...

What was the initial impulse that made you start your professional career?

People liked my photos and what's more, even recognized professionals liked them. I mostly don't participate in competitions, however, once I sent three of my photos to the Fotografie journal and they were very successful. One of these photos even won its category. They published the portrait and other two photos in the articles. Nevertheless I can say that the most important thing for me was, since the very beginning, that the photographed people liked the photos.

What photos do you mostly shoot ?

Take a look at and everything will be clear :-) OK, I preferably shoot photos of people and because, frankly speaking, I don't like men in photos so much, there aren't so many other possibilities. But seriously, I mostly take photos of girls and women. And I think this is what I can do best. I'm glad when I can take photos of children at nursery schools from time to time, when I can do family portraits or document rock and heavy metal bands... If I take photos of a landscape, or other stationary objects, I do it just to dispel boredom. But I'm not bored very often. :-)

How would you describe your photos ?

Well, I'm not sure if I'm the right person to describe my own photos, so I'd rather describe what I like and what I'm trying to do... As for the photos, I like if they catch the beauty of personality and \"something behind it\". I like a natural beauty, preferably in a harmony with a natural intelligence. I like straight-lined photos radiating the atmosphere of a moment. I don't like modeling photos like ELLE, VOGUE and all that jazz (shock, isn't it?). You know, for my taste it's too prettified and modified by Photoshop. It isn't about a model in that case, but about kilos of makeup and the clothing worth dozens of thousands CZK preferably. I can see the magic of a photo in something completely different... Hair fluttering in the wind, a cheap close-fitting T-shirt from the market-hall... CLICK! That's it! I don't want to play an artist taking photos of something what the others don't understand, but they are appreciatively nodding so as not to look uneducated.

What is your favorite place for shooting photos ?

Preferably and mostly I shoot photos in my studio. Finally, after long pain-taking problems I managed to acquire and reconstruct my own photo studio, so I'm in my OWN element now.

Any message for future subjects of your photos ?

If you would like to have \"the photos of lifetime\" and in addition to have a nice time while taking them, let us know! I'll be happy to get down to work with you. If you are just looking at photos, I wish you a pleasant experience. And this is what I tell everybody: Don't worry, be happy!

See you ! Have a nice photoshooting!

"; // studio $n_studio_vybaveni = "
  • 6 studio flashes (softboxes 200x140cm, 180x90cm, 140x140cm, 100x25cm), umbrellas, honeycombs,
  • remote radio control of flashes,
  • 2 halogen lights 1250W,
  • flash meter / light meter,
  • reflection boards (gold, silver, white, black),
  • photo paper backgrounds (10 colours),
  • remote controlling of backgrounds,
  • white washable floor,
  • ceiling height 3 m,
  • air condition,
  • parking place for your car.
  • "; // prihlaseni.php $n_nejste_jeste_zaregistrovani = "Not registered yet"; // terminy.php $n_vyberte_si_vhodny_termin = "choose a term of photoshooting that is convenient for you"; $n_terminy_text = "

    Do you want to order photoshooting in my studio? You are our model and we agreed on another cooperation? Just choose a term convenient for you...

    The terms of wedding photoshooting aren't published here, for more information and booking call No.: +420/608888578 or +420/777578580.

    "; $n_datum_cas = "date, time"; $n_typ_terminu = "type"; $n_dostupnost = "availability"; $n_bez_vizaze = "without visage"; $n_bez_vizaze_popis = "if you don't need visage for shooting"; $n_s_vizazi = "with visage"; $n_s_vizazi_popis = "if you want visage for shooting"; $n_volny_je_mozno_objednat = "available, it can be ordered"; $n_zarezervovany_muze_se_uvolnit = "booked, it could be available later"; $n_rezervace_terminu_foceni = "reservation of photoshooting"; $n_lze_rezervovat_pouze_jeden_termin = "there is possibility to book one date only"; // faq $n_otazky_a_odpovedi_pro = "frequently asked questions for"; $n_pokud_jste_otazku_nenasli = "if you didn't find any question, send it now"; $n_nezarazene = "uncategorized"; // models $n_o_foceni_modelek = "about shooting photos of models"; $n_modelky = "models"; $o_modelky = "images/modelstudio-motiv-04-en.jpg"; $o_modelky_mini = "images/model-motiv-mini-en.gif"; $n_modelky_foto_modelstudio = " photogallery"; $n_podivejte_se_na_ukazky = "look at another samples of my work"; $n_o_foceni_modelek_text = "

    Browsing in journals quietly envying the models smiling at you from the photos? Would you like to experience that marvelous feeling when you can feel already during shooting photos that something amazing is being created? Would you like to have your photos stunningly representing your beauty?

    I often hear the opinion that our studio takes photos of models only and that \"it isn't worth trying\" with somebody else. This is a mistake! The girls in our photos in an overwhelming majority aren't models and they have never shot photos or only a few times in their life!

    The photos from us (if you intend to have them) mostly open the door to modeling, eventually to a successful participation in various competitions where the quality of photos really matters. We use our server for presentation of our models and photos from our studio. For a long time it belongs among the most frequently visited servers for models.

    "; // families $n_o_foceni_rodin = "about family photography"; $n_rodiny = "families"; $o_rodiny = "images/rodiny-motiv-02-en.jpg"; $o_rodiny_mini = "images/rodiny-motiv-mini-en.gif"; // weddings $n_o_svatebnim_foceni = "about the wedding photoshooting"; $n_svatby = "weddings"; $o_svatby = "images/svatby-motiv-03-en.jpg"; $o_svatby_mini = "images/svatby-motiv-mini-en.gif"; $n_o_svatebnim_foceni_text = '

    We\'re going to get married! Oh yeah, many couples in love have made this decision. Before the wedding day a long time is spent by arranging all things necessary for a smooth and magic running of the wedding ceremony and the subsequent celebration. The selection of a photographer is really worth careful considering. A photo is one of the things that will remind us of the moments caught on it and when the photo is really good we can often even feel a marvelous chilly sensation running through the body. In a photo you can often see what you didn\'t perceive at all due to the turbulence of events on your big day. The photographer who is able to catch a real atmosphere of a moment is beyond price.

    My approach to the wedding photoshooting

    Basically, I have the same approach to each photo - a photo should have a soul and should tell you maximum, and this is what I´m trying to achieve. For that reason I shoot photos in a relaxed and easy-going atmosphere. Don\'t expect that I\'ll force you to makes poses at a tree that you will have to fold your hands at my command while looking into my eyes for a long time :-))) I´m trying to catch a natural beauty and singularity of the whole event. You can see my work in the gallery of wedding photos.

    I\'ll prepare previews from the photoshooting and you\'ll also get hints on successful snapshots. At home you\'ll select the photos you like best and together we\'ll agree on the photos we\'ll make. I\'ll make the final photos for you in the highest quality.

    Your personal wishes and ideas are always welcomed. In principle, we can agree on anything. You can choose the locality of shooting or I\'ll inspire you. For the wedding photoshooting I can arrive practically to any place in the Czech Republic, Austria and Slovakia. I speak English fluently.

    Looking forward to meeting you and thanks for letting me document your very special and unique day. It\'ll be my pleasure. Michal

    Hint: You can get the wedding photoshooting as a wedding present, too. Just direct your wedding guests to the link wedding present. ...and we\'ll agree on the terms directly with them.

    '; $n_svatebni_dar = "wedding present"; $n_venujte_krasny_svatebni_dar = "give a lovely wedding present"; $n_svatebni_dar_text = "

    Give a wedding present to the newly married couple which will always bring a feeling of happiness to them and will be useful forever. In addition to this, the value of a photo increases with its age, because the same holds true for a good photo as for a good wine. Photos are able to catch unrepeatable moments of our life and all of us like evoking our memories of happy moments.

    Your newly married couple will obtain exclusive wedding photos by Michal Pavlásek and they'll have a nice memory of you for a very long time.

    "; // report $n_report = "reports"; $o_report = "images/report-motiv-mini-en.gif"; $o_nezarazene = "unclassified"; // reference.php $n_reference = "reference"; $n_poslete_nam_svoji_referenci = "send us your reference"; $n_zobrazit_reference = "reference from"; $n_vase_reference_nam_byla_zaslana = "your reference was sent"; $n_odeslani_reference = "send reference"; $n_zobrazit_vsechny_reference = "see more..."; // contact $n_organizacni = "organizational matters, terms of photoshooting, administration"; $n_technicke = "photography, equipment, postproduction, DTP"; $n_zvetsit_mapu = "enlarge map"; $n_prijezd_k_domu = "you are here :-)"; $hair = array(1=> "blonde", "fair", "auburn", "brown", "dark brown", "red", "black"); $eyes = array(1=> "blue", "brown", "green", "grey", "greyblue", "greygreen", "browngreen", "bluegreen", "black"); $pros = array(1=> "amateur", "semiprofessional", "professional"); $proof = array(1=> "no experience", "little experience", "experienced", "very experienced"); $language = array(1=> "a bit", "well", "very well"); $confection = array(1=> "32-34", "34-36", "36-38", "40-42", "42-44", "44-46", "46-48", "48-50", "50-52", "52-54", "54-56", "56-58", "58-60", "60-62", "62-64"); $shoe = array(1=> "2", "2,5", "3", "3,5", "4", "4,5", "5", "5,5", "6", "6,5", "7", "7,5", "8", "8,5", "9", "9,5", "10", "10,5", "11", "11,5", "12", "12,5", "13", "13,5", "14"); $MONTHS = array(1=>"JANUARY","FEBRUARY","MARCH","APRIL","MAY","JUNE","JULY","AUGUST","SEPTEMBER","OCTOBER","NOVEMBER","DECEMBER"); $months = array(1=>"january","february","march","april","may","june","july","august","september","october","november","december"); $DAYS = array(1=>"MONDAY","TUESDAY","WEDNESDAY","THURSDAY","FRIDAY","SATURDAY","SUNDAY"); $days = array(0=>"sunday","monday","tuesday","wednesday","thursday","friday","saturday"); $dia = array("ì","š","è","ø","ž","ý","á","í","é","ú","ù","","ï","ò","Ì","Š","È","Ø","Ž","Ý","Á","Í","É","Ú","Ù","","Ï","Ò"); $nodia = array("e","s","c","r","z","y","a","i","e","u","u","t","d","n","E","S","C","R","Z","Y","A","I","E","U","U","T","D","N"); ?> Registrace Castingy pro modelky, fotografy, agentury jako na dlani |
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